November 2020: The Fire Never Goes Out, Noelle Stevenson

The Fire Never Goes Out, Noelle Stevenson

This was a particularly heavy month of 2020. The election was happening in the US (which undoubtedly affects the whole world), and international tensions were high. As usual, we read an emotion-heavy memoir by Noelle Stevenson, who is the creator of Nimona (an award-winning graphic novel) and has contributed to the graphic novel series Lumberjanes, and the show She-Ra.

For many in the group, reading a graphic memoir was a new experience. If you are eager to read more in that style, check out Alison Bechdel’s ‘Fun Home’ which is a seminal queer graphic memoir and well worth a read. It inspired the musical of the same name.

In an unusual turn of events, Noelle came out as nonbinary midway through our reading of this graphic memoir. We haven’t had an author come out during our reading. If you want to read the mini-comic that Noelle wrote during the pandemic about top surgery, find it here.

For more information about ‘The Fire Never Goes Out’ visit Goodreads. To learn more about Noelle, visit their Twitter page. For their backlist, click here.