About Us

What We Do

Our book club focuses on books with a queer theme – fiction or nonfiction, by queer and non-queer authors alike, all themes standing under the broad umbrella of the LGBTQIA+ community.

How we work

On the last Wednesday of each month, we meet up to discuss all manner of books! Novels, memoirs, historical tomes, graphic novels… if there is an LGBTQ+ theme, we’re going to read it.

We are currently based online, through Zoom. This allows for safe discussion throughout the pandemic. In healthier times, we are hosted by Waterstones Cambridge on Sidney Street.

“A welcoming, diverse & engaging community of people united by a love of LGBTQIA+ literature who come together to share their personal perspectives and interpretations of works that touch on queer themes across a fantastic range of genres. This book club has been a source of joy, humour, intellectual stimulation and emotional support since I first joined it and for me it’s one of the best things about living in Cambridge.”

— Annkathrin, Book Club member

“When I was new to Cambridge, this book club was one of the first communities I became a part of, and over a year later it’s still something I look forward to each month. I’ve made many wonderful friends from this group, I’ve learned far more than I could have imagined, and I’ve read a diverse assortment of LGBTQIA books — many of which I would never have read on my own. The group is welcoming, genuine, and always creates a safe, warm space for like-minded folx to share from the heart. It’s been wonderful to still get to meet, albeit via zoom, during the pandemic and maintain connections with each other. I know it’s been a needed source of joy and connection for so many of us this year.”

— Emily, Book Club member

What We’ve Achieved

  • The Cambridge LGBTQ+ Book Club has been running for two years, bringing people together through the written word.

  • Celebrated queer authors and the work they do.

  • Expanded the reading horizons of those who join, encouraging all to read books from genres they may not have previously considered.

  • Hosted LGBTQ+ History Month events that increase engagement within the community and drum up support for queer authors.

  • Generated sales for under-represented authors.

  • Recommended a vast range of reading material to those who were looking for answers or information.